List of Notable Linguists

This is an encyclopedia-style list of notable personalities in the field of linguistics.  These people are the essential, the must-know, and the ‘who’s who‘ of the discipline.  Each person has a bio, with their most significant must-read publications, if any, mentioned.

Noam Chomsky
Bernard Comrie
William Croft
Matthew S. Dryer
David Embick
Victoria Fromkin
Joseph Greenburg
Adele Goldberg
Morris Halle
Heidi Harley
Hans Henrich Hock
C.-T. James Huang
Richard Kayne
Ray Jackendoff
Angelika Kratzer
William Labov
Peter Ladefoged
George Lakoff
Richard K. Larson
Alec Marantz
John McCarthy
Martha McGinnis
Rolph Noyer
Alan Prince
Luigi Rizzi
Edward Sapir
Ferdinand de Saussure
Masayoshi Shibatani
Paul Smolensky
Natsuko Tsujimura
Max Weinreich
Moria Yip

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