FLA Proceedings

The FLA Proceedings is a collection of papers that have been accepted from around the world by the editorial committee throughout the year, primarily through digital submission.  All of the papers in the series are under consideration for inclusion, with revisions, in the following year’s annual journal. The proceedings serve 2 purposes: 1) to illicit feedback from members and the public that can be useful for the author in revising their paper prior to journal publication and 2) to provide access to accepted material post-presentation.

To contact authors with feedback about featured papers, please include the name of the author and paper title and use the CONTACT form in the main menu of the FLA website.

The FLA is an international non-profit organization, founded in 2009 at the University of Florida by graduate students and faculty, with the mission of providing educational benefit to the public in the field of linguistics and language studies more generally. The FLA also publishes new research and hosts debate on issues of current import. The organization is currently managed by a international consortium of academics based primarily in North America, East Asia, and Europe. For more information on the FLA, its educational mission, membership, and the submission and acceptance process please see our ABOUT section in the main menu of this page.

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