What is the FLA?

FloridaLinguistics.com is an independent academic resource, providing content from an association of academics working in the fields of linguistics and language.  Originally founded by University of Florida graduate students, the site maintains the namesake of the state from which it is currently operated and based, Florida, USA.  This resource has grown into an international project with an association of member contributors from universities and institutions around the world composing the Florida Linguistics Association (FLA).

The FLA’s mission?

The members and resources of the FLA are committed to the mission of providing centralized resources on linguistics and language for students, academics, and other parties interested in the field.  Specifically, online and open source references for linguists on basic theory, employment and publishing resources, definitions of key terms, concepts, and people, and forums for students of linguistics to connect and share ideas and information have not kept up with the fast pace or the overall and recent growth in the field of linguistics.
The FLA also endeavors to provide sponsorship and promotion to various organizations that share the goal of growing and refining linguistics and language science as an academic discipline.  We support and partner with organizations and individuals who share our common goals in a variety of ways, including providing free advertising, financial support, and other efforts.  It is for this reason that we collect donations to help keep the website up and running and assist the FLA in all of its efforts as an organization.  Thank you in advance for supporting our mission through volunteering your time as a member or making a financial donation.  To make a financial donation or for promotional and partnership opportunities, please contact the FLA  directly at fla@floridalinguistics.com

How does the FLA support public service?

The FLA is currently contributing to organizations like the “The Linguist List” and “The Living Tongues Institute.” We have also “adopted” an endangered language through The Living Tongues Institute. The Siberian Chulym language has less than 40 speakers and was featured in the movie, “The Linguists.” The FLA is currently sponsoring efforts to revive and document Chulym. You can read more about Chulym here and hear a sample of the language in this clip from “The LInguists” movie.

How can I join?

Want to become a member of the Florida Linguistics Association? You just need to become an active contributor! Please email the webmaster with your name, academic or institutional affiliation (if any), and your proposed contribution, revision, or advice for the site. All submitted contributions of content for the site must be original or properly sourced. Members can request a profile page in our membership directory.  You can also join the FLA as a supporter of the mission by making a donation or partnering with us.  To make a financial donation or for promotional and partnership opportunities, please contact the FLA  directly at fla@floridalinguistics.com

Intellectual property rights and copyrights policy?

Any material appearing on this site is the property of www.floridalinguistics.com and the Florida Linguistics Association (FLA) and is intended as academic and educational resources.  This content has been submitted by member contributors to the site and cannot be reproduced without the expressed permission of the site manager or, in the case of author attributed submissions, by the authors themselves.  While every effort is made by the editors of the site to identify potential copyright violations and remedy them, it is assumed that all of the material submitted by contributors is done under our rules and regulations, namely that all material submitted must be original content, created by the person submitting the material directly to the site.  If any perceived copyright violations are found on this site by owners of the material in question, please email the editor at webmaster@floridalinguistics.com, and that material will be reviewed and removed if a violation is found to exist.  The FLA does not take legal responsibility for all of the material published to the site from our contributors, but will always remedy any affronts to the valued standards of academic and legal intellectual property standards that we hold dear as members of the international academic community.

Any material submitted that does not attest authorship becomes the intellectual property of www.floridalinguistics.com and is used as a public resource.  The following types of submission may attest original authorship: blog posts, paper downloads with specific authorship, such as academic articles and CVs, and videos and audio files with attributed authorship, such as those embedded on the site and those posted on our YouTube channel.  Material that attests original authorship may be taken down after publication by the FLA at the author’s request, but may not be reproduced using the name of the website, the FLA, or any other associated branding, images, or text, without the expressed permission of the site manager.  Any person who has submitted any type of material will not be monetarily compensated for his or her contribution.  Please do not submit material unless you are willing to have it published and know to the best of your ability that it is your original creation and not plagiarized or copied in any way from the work of others.  The FLA editors strongly encourage members and contributors not to contribute material for publication that the authors are not comfortable with having posted for public viewing over long periods of time, as creating a free and public academic resource is the ultimate goal of the site and its associated organization.

Thanks to all members, contributors, and editors for building the great content displayed on this site through content donations and for adhering to standard rules and practices outlined above regarding intellectual property and copyrights.

Advertising and Donations?

You may have noticed that www.floridalinguistics.com and the FLA’s other venues are ad-free and non-solicitation zones.  A number of years ago, when the FLA first set out as a student-run resource, we partnered with Google’s Adsense.  After several months of posting ads for their service, Google unfairly accused the FLA of violating their terms of use.  Google then seized our fairly earned, modest revenue and left many of our student members disenchanted.  Since that time, we have endeavored to support the FLA’s educational mission through member donations only and without advertisement, affiliate marketing, or solicitation.  After our past bad experiences with unscrupulous advertising services, the FLA is weary of advertising partnerships.  However, in principle, the organization is open to sincere inquiries from upstanding companies who want to offer value to our users and members through direct, relevant, and trustworthy partnerships.  Serious inquiries can be made through contact form or by email and will be considered.  Likewise, the FLA can accept, in principle, contributions to our educational mission to assist in the payment of our site costs.  Please contact us directly for opportunities and inquiries.

Past, Present, and Future

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