The Florida Linguistics Association (FLA) is an independent academic resource, providing content from an association of academics working in the fields of linguistics and language.  Originally founded and created by University of Florida graduate students, the site maintains the namesake of the state from which it is currently operated and based, Florida, USA.  This resource has grown into an international project, with an association of member contributors from universities and institutions around the world composing the Florida Linguistics Association (FLA).

The members and resources of the FLA are committed to the mission of providing centralized resources on linguistics and language for students, academics, and other parties interested in the field.  Specifically, online and open source references for linguists on basic theory, employment and publishing resources, definitions of key terms, concepts, and people, and forums for students of linguistics to connect and share ideas and information have not kept up with the fast pace or the overall and recent growth in the field of linguistics.

This website and its outgrowths are intended to be student resources, filling some of that need for easily comprehended and simply indexed linguistic tools, resources, links, reviews, and references, as the discipline, along with its theory, continues to grow, branch, and establish itself as an indispensable subset of any university-level liberal arts curriculum.  This website is the online home of the Florida Linguistics Association (FLA).

User suggestions and contributions are highly encouraged and greatly appreciated, so that this resource can continue to grow.  Feedback, suggestions, corrections, and contributions can be submitted via email to or through our “CONTACT” section in the main menu of this website.

The FLA also endeavors to provide sponsorship and promotion to various organizations that share the goal of growing and refining linguistics and language science as an academic discipline.  We support and partner with organizations and individuals who share our common goals in a variety of ways, including providing free advertising, financial support, and other efforts.  It is for this reason that we collect donations to help keep the website up and running and assist the FLA in all of its efforts as an organization.  Thank you in advance for supporting our mission through volunteering your time as a member or making a financial donation.  To make a financial donation or for promotional and partnership opportunities, please contact the FLA  directly at

The FLA is currently contributing to organizations like the “The Linguist List” and “The Living Tongues Institute.”  We have also “adopted” an endangered language through The Living Tongues Institute.  The Siberian Chulym language has less than 40 speakers and was featured in the movie, “The Linguists.”  The FLA is currently sponsoring efforts to revive and document Chulym.  You can read more about Chulym here and hear a sample of the language below:

Past, Present, and Future

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